Actuarial valuations of life and remainder interests.

These valuations are used for legal purposes or for Government agencies – such as Centrelink and the ATO. These can be either completed online via the form below or by emailing your details directly to us.

Life Interest Valuation (for Single Australian Lives)

with Remainder Calculation Option
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for delivery of results
of person with life interest
of person with life interest
* also called "life estate"
use slider to select approx. % percentage (if required, add specific details in the comments box over)
i.e. gross rent otherwise payable
e.g. Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly
e.g. a 50% life interest share in a property with a market rent of $500 per week would be $250 payable weekly
i.e. agreed total of any council rates, strata levies, water rates payable by life tenant
Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly
occupied by life interest
For lifetime valuation please click next below.
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of person with life interest
of person with remainder interest
of property subject to life interest
Please check for an instant estimate below.
This is a draft estimate after some rounding.
for manual calculations, e.g. multiple lives, third-parties, impaired lives etc.
This will be a signed certificate together with the final value and parameters used. Costs for manual calculations may vary.


Useful Links

Life Tenant Factors – Australian Life Tables 2015-17

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