We offer valuations of defined benefit superannuation interests in accordance with Family Law requirements from $249+GST. These interests were originally designed to provide pension benefits for retirement but have more recently taken the form of lump sum benefits. These funds and the benefits provided were originally offered to high-ranking public servants only and long-serving corporate employees and can be extremely valuable for those eligible.

Initially, these valuations require a Form 6 response (under Family Law) which sets out your entitlements at a date nominated by you and can be supplied by your fund on request. This information then serves as the basis of your valuation.

A copy of a recent member statement is also useful but these typically only coincide with year-end and do not include the value of any contingent benefits such as death and disability benefits. The Family Court does not accept a member statement as an expert valuation and should not be relied upon as satisfying their requirements.

Our role is strictly to provide a valuation of superannuation interests for use by yourself or your legal representative. For example, this would be similar to the use of a property valuer in relation to any real estate interests. A valuation can be requested by a former spouse in their partner's interests and each Form 6 requires a separate valuation.

We are busy rolling out online forms for most of the major defined benefit funds listed below (please click on the relevant fund). These will provide an online form and immediate assessment subject to confirmation. In some cases, a manual assessment is still required and you will be redirected to our contact page.

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