Actuarial Services
Actuarial Services


Measuring and Protecting Wealth
Measuring and Protecting Wealth
Supplying independent actuarial advice and certification to boards, lawyers and superannuation funds. Building and fostering relationships with underwriters. Establishing insurance companies in speciality risk classes for sophisticated investors.
Data Science and Analytics
Data Science and Analytics
Bringing the data science techniques gained from over 20 years within insurance to solve broader industry problems. Employing modern Xeon processors, server grade computers and the latest analytical software.


SMSF Tax Exempt Certificate and Calculator

Superannuation – Family Law Valuations

Life Interest Valuations (including Remainders)

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Actuarial Services
Offering actuarial services as accredited Actuary. For more information, please use ou...
Insurance and Asset Management Services
Data Analytics, Data Cleaning, International Underwriting ...
Data Analytics
A picture is worth a thousand words. Using multidimensional techniques. Petrol Price Predicti...
Lifetime Yield Curve – Australia
Lifetime yield curves derived using Australian Commonwealth Government debt securities rated AAA.


Retirement Income Covenant – Sample
25 May 2021
Connectingthedots is pleased is offer a sample "Retirement Income Covenant" for use by SMSFs and superannuation trustees alike. We're making setting retirement ...
Retirement Income – Interactive Heatmap
20 January 2021
Connectingthedots is pleased to launch its superannuation heatmap for setting retirement income objectives. Simple and interactive, you can see how your supe...
ATO Superannuation News
9 January 2021
The Australian Taxation Office issues regular updates on superannuation matters. These have been aggregated for 2021 and are listed here. To return to the ma...
Life Tenant Factors – Australian Life Tables 2015-17
23 April 2020
Life tenant factors released by Revenue SA under ruling SDA011 of the Stamp Duties Act 1923 have been updated here for Australian Life Tables 2015-17. The disco...
Retirement Income Targets for All Ages
5 March 2020
How much superannuation is enough? For individuals considering a lifetime pension, the correct value is a function of both age and gender. Our actuaries have re...
Superannuation – Is Cash Accounting Fit for Purpose?
16 January 2020
How do your annual SMSF accounts compare? The financial statements for most SMSFs are prepared as special purpose accounts and on a cash basis with no considera...
Improvements in Australian Life Expectancy Slows
6 January 2020
The Australian Government Actuary (AGA) has released its latest life tables based on 2016 census data and noted the improving life expectancy has slowed since 2...
Actuarial Certificates via BGL SimpleFund360
19 November 2019
We are pleased to announce the launch of our actuarial certificate service to superannuation trustees, auditors and accountants via the BGL platform. Through th...
Old Age Pension Liabilities Valued at $516 billion
3 October 2019
An exercise in data matching by our actuaries has placed a value on the Australian Government's Income Support for Seniors at an average of $203,600 per pension...
2019 Budget Changes to Actuarial Certificates
26 April 2019
The 2019 budget announced that from 1 July 2020 superannuation funds will be able to choose which method provides them with the best tax free ECPI%. Superann...