Income for complying Self-Managed-Superannuation-Funds is generally tax free for retired members or 15% for others. Each year an SMSF must submit an Annual Return to the Australian Taxation Office to declare its assessible income including any claim for tax exempt income.

The basis for calculating tax exempt income can be somewhat cumbersome and, as a result, you or your client’s SMSF may miss out on claiming tax exempt income.

We provide a number of tools used for checking your SMSF’s tax and tax exempt income (including actuarial certificates) as follows:

1) This is our quick test to see if your fund needs an actuarial certificate to claim any tax exempt income:-

2) This form will check your SMSF’s income tax based on the ATO’s Annual Return. In addition, this form will clearly indicate which boxes need completing on your Annual Return to claim any tax exempt income:-

Return - Check

3) Finally , this will request an actuarial certificate where the fund’s members are split between accumulation and retirement phases. This form will calculate a tax exempt percentage in order to allocate the fund’s income between both taxed and exempt elements:-

Actuarial Certificate
- Online Form

Please click on the service required and you will be redirected to our online forms for an instant assessment. If you prefer, we can also be contacted via our contact page.